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Smart PCR for Point-of-Need Detection



POCKIT™ Nucleic Acid Analyzer is a powerful point-of-need PCR detection tool that combines advanced insulated isothermal polymerase chain reaction (iiPCR) technology, with its high sensitivity/specificity, user-friendly interface and short-turn-around-time, POCKIT™ can offer diagnostic laboratory and aquatic farmers the cost-effective solution for disease surveillance.


Innovative Technology
PCR is considered the most sensitive and accurate molecular diagnostic method. POCKIT™ applies the latest insulated isothermal PCR (iiPCR) technology and provides the better operation efficiency.
High Sensitivity And Specificity
POCKIT™ inherits the advantages of exquisite sensitivity and specificity from PCR assay. The analytical sensitivity can reach up to 10 copies per reaction and equivalent to real-time PCR.
Fast Point-of-Need Detection
Exclusive iiPCR technology enable the rapid and reliable pathogen detection with quick turnaround time, from sampling to result only within 1.5 hours.
Easy To Use
• One-touch operation without programming.
• Automated PCR data interpretation.
Compact design for easy transportation.


Product Name POCKIT™ Nucleic Acid Analyzer
PCR Amplification Technology Insulated isothermal PCR (iiPCR) 
Fluorescent Wavelength 520nm, 550nm
Sensitivity Up to 10 copies per reaction
Throughput  1 - 8 samples per run
PCR Reaction Time Approx. 1 hour
Display 3.5-Inch Touch Panel LCD
Dimensions & Weight 280 (W) × 250 (D) × 85 (H) mm, 2.1 kg
Operating Temperature 15-35°C
Power Source 100-120/200-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 2A
Memory Slot SD/SDHC Memory Card


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