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IQ2000 VNN Detection and Prevention System



Viral Nervous Necrosis disease (VNN) has been reported in marine fishes such as parrot fish, groupers, flounders, sea bass, turbot, and striped jack since 1990. This disease caused high mortalities in the affected animals which were characterized by vacuolation in the retinal and brain tissue. Nodavirus, the causative agent of VNN, contains 2 single-stranded, positive-sense, non-polyadenylated RNAs, was identified as a member of the family Nodaviridae. However, both of the nucleic acid sequence and amino sequence of fish nodaviruses are quite different from the insect nodaviruses.

Although the nucleic acid sequences between different fish nodaviruses are distinguishable, they are closely related to each other in the coat protein region. The design of this detection system was based on the most conserve region within the coat protein sequence and it used degenerated primers. Thus the system can detect virus from samples collected from Japan on striped jack (SJNNV), redspotted grouper (RGNNV), barfin flounder (BFNNV), Japanese flounder (JFNNV), tiger puffer (TPNNV), and most kinds of groupers in Taiwan. This system has also been proven to be able to detect most types of nodaviruses in marine fishes. Same as our other IQ2000™ serial products, this PCR based product also includes internal control, quantified positive standard, and semi-quantitative capability to provide the best quality diagnostic results.


  • Packing size: 200 reactions.
  • Detection Limit: 10 copies/reaction.
  • Quantitative capability: 3 different levels of infection can be differentiated.
  • Sample throughput: for 40 samples, from sample preparation to final results require 4.5 to 5 hours.
  • Built-in internal control system: eliminate false negative results from failed extraction or reaction.
  • Quantified positive standard: monitor the sensitivity of detection.
  • Adaptable to the Uni-IQ RT-PCR profile, suitable for multi-viral diagnosis.

An example of the results is shown and explained below:

Lane 1: VNN P(+) standard, 2,000 copies/reaction
Lane 2: VNN P(+) standard, 200 copies/reaction
Lane 3: VNN P(+) standard, 20 copies/reaction
Lane 4: Negative control (yeast tRNA or ddH2O)
Lane 5: Sample of severe VNN infection
Lane 6: Sample of light VNN infection
Lane 7: VNN negative sample
Lane M: Molecular weight marker, 848 bp, 630 bp, 333 bp


  • This reagent is intended for testing fresh, frozen, and ethanol-preserved samples, e.g. larvae, brain, eye.
  • Ideal for the specific pathogen-free (SPF) animal selection, evaluation of culture environment, grow-out monitoring, and quarantine service.


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