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IQ2000 MoV Detection and Prevention System



Mourilyan virus (MoV), a newly identified bunya virus-like virus that infects penaeid prawns, was first found in Queensland, Australia by Dr. Peter Walker’s group at CSIRO. This virus can infect both black tiger (Penaeus monodon) and Kuruma (Penaeus japonicus) prawns, and the infected animals were found from the wilds or commercial farms in Australia. For each specie, low-level MoV infection can be detected by in situ hybridisation (ISH) in vacuolated ‘spheroid bodies’ within the lymphoid organ. In heavily infected prawns, MoV was found throughout the lymphoid organ and connective tissues of other organs. In some P. japonicus, MoV has been identified in midgut and nerve tissues which shows histopathological consistent with the gut-and-nerve syndrome (GNS). However, MoV infection has not been consistently observed within these abnormal tissues therefore further studies are required to determine the relevance of MoV to this syndrome.

The IQ2000 MoV Detection and Prevention System is a diagnostic system for this newly found virus. In year 2003, a licensing agreement was signed between CSIRO and GeneReach to commercialize the research results of MoV. This system targeted the glycoprotein region of MoV for RT-PCR reaction. Similar to our other IQ2000 serial products, both internal control and semi-quantitative designs were also included in this system in order to provide the most reliable results.


  • Packing size: 200 reactions.
  • Detection Limit: 10 copies/reaction.
  • Quantitative capability: 3 different levels of infection can be differentiated.
  • Sample throughput: for 40 samples, from sample preparation to final results require 4.5 to 5 hours.
  • Built-in internal control system: eliminate false negative results from failed extraction or reaction.
  • Quantified positive standard: monitor the sensitivity of detection.
  • Adaptable to the Uni-IQ RT-PCR profile, suitable for multi-viral diagnosis.

An example of the results is shown and explained below:

Lane 1:  MoV P(+) standard, 2,000 copies/reaction
Lane 2:  MoV P(+) standard, 200 copies/reaction
Lane 3:  MoV P(+) standard, 20 copies/reaction
Lane 4:  Sample of severe MoV infection
Lane 5:  MoV negative sample
Lane 6:  Negative control (Yeast tRNA or ddH2O)
Lane M:  Molecular weight markers, 848 bp, 630 bp, 333 bp


  • This reagent is intended for testing fresh, frozen, and ethanol-preserved samples, e.g. gill and PL.
  • Ideal for the specific pathogen-free (SPF) animal selection, evaluation of culture environment, grow-out monitoring, and quarantine service.


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