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IQ2000™ YHV/GAV 檢測試劑



The IQ2000 YHV/GAV Detection and Typing System for penaeid shrimps is a commercial molecular diagnostic system for direct detection of these two similar viruses. It can detect and differentiate the prototype of these two viruses and provide semi-quantitative results. The knowledge about the nature of YHV, GAV and their RNA sequences were originated from the research of CSIRO, Australia, and BIOTEC, Thailand. A licensing agreement was signed in 2001 between Farming IntelliGene and CSIRO/BIOTEC to commercialize this technology for detection of YHV/GAV.

*According to the recent research results, other YHV/GAV related viruses have been found in some Asian countries. Due to the lack of sequence information, IQ2000 YHV/GAV Detection and Typing System may not be able to detect these YHV/GAV related viruses, or may cross-react with these viruses. The impact and severity of these newly discovered viruses on shrimp farming and their relationship with YHV/GAV is still under investigation.


  • Packing size: 200 reactions.
  • Detection Limit: 10 copies/reaction.
  • Quantitative capability: 3 different levels of infection can be differentiated.
  • Sample throughput: for 40 samples, from sample preparation to final results require 4.5 to 5 hours.
  • Built-in internal control system: eliminate false negative results from failed extraction or reaction.
  • Quantified positive standard: monitor the sensitivity of detection.
  • Using the Uni-IQ RT-PCR profile, suitable for multi-viral diagnosis.

An example of the results is shown and explained below :

  • Lane 1: YHV P(+) standard, 2000 copies/reaction
  • Lane 2: YHV P(+) standard, 200 copies/reaction
  • Lane 3: YHV P(+) standard, 20 copies/reaction
  • Lane 4: GAV P(+) standard, 2000 copies/reaction
  • Lane 5: GAV P(+) standard, 200 copies/reaction
  • Lane 6: GAV P(+) standard, 20 copies/reaction
  • Lane 7: Sample of severe YHV infection
  • Lane 8: Sample of light YHV infection
  • Lane 9: Sample of severe GAV infection
  • Lane 10: Sample of light GAV infection
  • Lane 11: YHV/GAV negative sample
  • Lane M: Molecular weight marker, 848 bp, 630 bp, 333 bp

Applications :

  • Ideal for the specific pathogen-free (SPF) animal selection, evaluation of culture environment, grow-out monitoring, and quarantine service.



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