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IQ2000™ EHP 檢測試劑



Enterocytozoon hepatopenaei (EHP) has become a major concern for the shrimp farming industry. It is an emerging microsporidian parasite for penaeid shrimp, which has been associated with growth retardation and significant losses in farmed shrimp. EHP has been found in several shrimp farming countries in Asia including Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and China, and is reported to be associated with growth retardation in farmed shrimp. It is transmitted directly from shrimp to shrimp by the oral route. EHP has been found in the tubules in the shrimp’s hepatopancreas and associated with damages in the organ which eventually may lead to malnutrition and growth retardation in shrimp.

IQ2000™ EHP Detection and Prevention System is a diagnostic system specially designed to detect EHP by GeneReach. This system adopts the design of nested PCR and also inherits the reliability, sensitivity and experiences from a range of IQ2000™ diagnostic kits for shrimp and fish pathogen infections. IQ2000™ EHP can effectively and reproducibly detect 10 copies of the pathogen nucleic acid per reaction.


  • Packing size: 200 reactions.
  • Detection Limit: 10 copies/reaction.
  • Quantitative capability: 4 different levels of infection can be differentiated.
  • Sample throughput: for 40 samples, from sample preparation to final results require 4.5 to 5 hours.
  • Built-in internal control system: eliminate false negative results from failed extraction or reaction.
  • Quantified positive standard: monitor the sensitivity of detection.
  • Adaptable to the Uni-IQ RT-PCR profile, suitable for multi-viral diagnosis.

An example of the results is shown and explained below:

  • Lane 1:  EHP P(+) standard, 2,000 copies/reaction
  • Lane 2:  EHP P(+) standard, 200 copies/reaction
  • Lane 3:  EHP P(+) standard, 20 copies/reaction
  • Lane 4:  Negative control (yeast tRNA or ddH2O)
  • Lane 5:  Sample of severe EHP infection
  • Lane 6:  Sample of medium EHP infection
  • Lane 7:  Sample of light EHP infection
  • Lane 8:  Sample of very light EHP infection
  • Lane 9:  EHP negative sample
  • .Lane M:  Molecular weight markers, 848 bp, 630 bp, 333 bp


  • This reagent is intended for testing fresh, frozen, and ethanol-preserved samples, e.g. broodstock’s feces, hepatopancreas, and PL.
  • Ideal for the specific pathogen-free (SPF) animal selection, evaluation of culture environment, grow-out monitoring, and quarantine service.



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